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Why the Solution to Your Transportation Needs Is a Plant Trailer

Do you work in the agriculture, manufacture or construction industry? Then no doubt you will have had to consider means of transporting your equipment to and from one site to another. A plant trailer is a fantastic all-rounder solution to your transportation needs.

I’m sure you will have already thought about using a regular plant trailer but are you familiar with those made out of aluminium? Let’s take a closer look at what benefits they have over others.

Why aluminium? 

I probably don’t need to tell you that aluminium is becoming more and more of a staple material in our lives. It has a list of beneficial properties that render it useful, particularly when dealing with prolonged outdoor situations. It’s durable but more importantly light-weight. This is great news for those who want to cut costs – a lower unloaded weight means less fuel consumption in the long run. Also less strain on the towing vehicle results in reduced vehicle maintenance costs. Sounds like a win-win to me!

An aluminium plant trailer is dependable and trustworthy

If you are looking for a plant trailer to fit your requirements to exceptional standards and high quality, then an Australian made aluminium plant trailer might be just the ticket. Not only will you be supporting local businesses, but the product will have been put through rigorous testing to meet quality assurance and safety regulations. Provided you use it correctly and follow instructions, then you can guarantee a smooth and efficient transfer solution.

They are purpose built

An aluminium plant trailer is a versatile piece of equipment which has a broad range of applications that it has been specifically built for. It can move plant machinery (hence the name), factory components and even carry equipment such as mini-excavators, loaders and scissor lifts. So if you don’t already own one, it is worth the investment!

There are many desirable features

Depending on your needs, you will benefit from the variety of choice. There are numerous weight capacity groups, along with different lengths and widths. Most notably, the aluminium plant trailers are already equipped with an accessibility ramp – and with some models this can be detached. You may wish to opt for hydraulic fittings which allows for weight to be distributed evenly throughout the loading and unloading process.

Funnily enough, that is one of the major advantages of a plant trailer over any other trailer, such as a flatbed. It has better solutions to combat health and safety issues. For example, the ramp is angled at a shallow gradient so that equipment with close distance range to the floor can be manoeuvred back and forth without tipping or damaging it.

It is secure

You’ll never have to worry about any mishaps concerning your load, because not only are there tread plates that are non-slip, there are load securing points too. These ensure that you have an efficient and problem-free experience from the start to finish of your operation!

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