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5 Types of Event Staff Who Don’t Get Nearly Enough Credit

Audio Visual Technicians

We’ve all been to an event in one form or another, whether it’s watching our favourite band in concert, a networking event with work a corporate dinner or a lavish wedding for that friend who ‘just had to go all out’ – some of these events will have run smoothly, others not so much. For those that did however, there are some unsung heroes who act behind the curtains, making sure that absolutely everything is accounted for, right down to the last detail. 

So, what makes a successful event? Well, one that runs on time is a good place to start, one where nobody gets hurt, where the sound and lighting work perfectly, there’s no embarrassing feedback on the microphones and where hopefully the bride doesn’t trip over her dress and break her ankle! 

1 – A Talented Event Manager / Crew Chief

A First-Class Crew is nothing without a talented event manager. They are the glue that holds everything together, orchestrating each department ensuring that everyone is on task and that nobody strays from their position. 

2 – Audio Visual Technicians 

Have you ever seen the back of a PA system? With about 2 million wires poking out and trailing off in a thousand different directions, it’s a miracle how the technicians manage to stay on top of everything! But, they do and when done correctly they are instrumental to pulling off a successful event, particularly one that relies on music, lighting ques, microphone amplification and so on. Simply put, without a talented AV crew, you’ll be drowning in an ocean of misplaced cables and unimpressed heckling from the crowd.

3 – AV Operators 

Never mind the 2 million cables, what about all those buttons on the control decks? One thing we tend not to appreciate is the work, timing and talent that goes into a successful lighting show. Audio Visual operators are the unsung heroes who allow you to hear (and see) whoever is leading the event on stage; without them you’d very much be sat in the dark. 

4 – Ticketed Personnel 

Health and safety for everyone involved is the most important aspect of any successful event, particularly when there is so much equipment involved. Truck and forklift drivers are responsible for the loading and unloading of the heavy equipment, and then you’ll have riggers who are tasked with setting up the stage properly and safely, ensuring that no accidents occur. 

5 – Show Callers 

Of course, a successful event is all about timing, particularly when there is a lot happening on stage. Show callers are responsible for bringing people on and off stage and making sure that everyone is ready and where they need to be when the time comes. 

All of these people are very rarely seen during an event, though are instrumental in its success. Hiring a quality team of professionals can be the different between your event going smoothly and ending in complete disaster! Get it done properly and invest in the right people.

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